Grab a cold one. The history of the Heineken logo.

The ‘Star-Heineken’ logo was created in 1991 to represent the brand’s embrace of modernism while simultaneously staying true to its century-old identity. This logo takes its roots most directly from the previous one designed in 1974, which features the same typeface and star element encased in a green oval insignia – you might have seen it as the iconic logo on their cans and bottles.

The logo is made up of the Heineken Serif typeface developed by design firm Eden that features a distinct bevelled ‘E’ and a classic red star placed above the lettering. The combination of the two elements, along with the green, red, and black colour palette make the image instantly recognisable.

It’s a timeless visual that will make you want to grab a cold one in a single glance.

Good branding lasts. #PLUMMagency


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