The history of the UPS logo now shipping.

UPS has been using this brown and gold shield logo since 2003 and has only made a few modern tweaks to it since.

The brand’s most recognisable element, the UPS shield, has been part of the company’s branding since its inception and has remained throughout 4 logo redesigns over a century. The first UPS logo was designed in 1916 by the founder, James Casey, and featured an emblem with an eagle carrying a package against a shiny bronze shield. The lettering on the package said: “Swift, safe and sure”. The logo being used today amplifies the same company values by adapting to modern demands while honouring its predecessors.

The brown and gold colour palette is also a great part of the company’s identity – so much so that the company is called “Big Brown” in some parts of the world. The golden typeface, manually designed by Paul Rand, echoes the 1937 logo and is meant to reflect the company’s long history and proud origins.

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