We do one thing only.

We do one thing only. We do one thing only. We do one thing only. We do one thing only. We do one thing only.

We do one thing and we do it well – brand creation.

Welcome to PLUMM, The Best Branding Agency located in Melbourne. PLUMM is a branding agency with creative inventiveness at our core. Drawing design inspiration from a history rich in brand success but with an eye on the future, we truly understand the nuances of lasting design. Visit our Brand identity audit service to get your brand audited immediately.

PLUMM was built on two pillars that are pivotal to our success and the success of our clients. These pillars keep us hungry to continue creating the best work possible, by any means. We don’t cut corners to achieve this, working across many unconventional mediums to achieve unexpected results.

Every brand has a personality; to truly represent that personality, we need to get to know each of our clients personally. We do this with our PLUMM Pack – a highly bespoke package of goodies designed to provide us with as much valuable information as possible before we start working.

The PLUMM Pack, your all in one Brand Design Strategy

The design environment we inhabit is becoming increasingly automated. In order to create lasting brands that truly reflect their identities, we have to do things differently.

Different is doing things the hard way.

Knowledge leads to understanding, then to practice. We like to get to know our clients intimately and then, we put that knowledge to practice. We do this by sending all of our clients their very own PLUMM Pack in the mail.

Among the goodies contained is a carefully designed survey to help us understand the ins and outs of their brand. The PLUMM Pack is available in physical form only to encourage more considered results.

Tactile methods to design encourage thoughtful and unique results. We work with any medium necessary to create the most remarkable outcomes possible. Similar to what Boeing did with their Brand, click here to learn more.

Our process although unconventional leads us to results unachievable by simpler means.

FAX PLUMM NOW: +61 3 8676 1999 FAX PLUMM NOW: +61 3 8676 1999 FAX PLUMM NOW: +61 3 8676 1999 

Case Study:

Aperitivo Homes.

Naming + Identity.

It was during the research phase when the company owners stated how they have not one, but two kitchens in their home; and Aperitivo Homes was born.

“An aperitivo is a pre-meal drink; the experience of aperitivo is a cultural ritual.”

Aperitivo Homes is a Canberra-based property development company that specialises in creating beautiful homes for fabulous entertainers.

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Case Study:

Kitchen Daddy.

Naming + Identity.

The industry of dark kitchens and commercial food preparation is rarely one to see a shake-up, but the new kids on the block wanted to change that.

“Kitchen Daddy awards our customers their Food Credentials.”

Kitchen Daddy keeps the sizzle hot, works fast, and plays long. First to check-in and the last to leave.

If you’re excited, if you’re ready for the next step, if you dare to dream…

Call Kitchen Daddy.

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Explore the history of the worlds most iconic brands.

Our Pillars.

We prefer manual in a world headed toward automation. Tactile approaches to design encourage thoughtful and unique results.

Our logo was created with an unconventional contrast of mediums – print and digital. We use this hands-on method across all of our work.

We also gather countless pieces of information & research from other successful brands, like Apple & intel.

We value personal recommendations above all else. When somebody tells you to try the spaghetti, you do. We create remarkable brands, that attract these organic, human recommendations.

Good work does speak for itself, but it requires a voice to start the conversation.

FAX PLUMM NOW: +61 3 8676 1999 FAX PLUMM NOW: +61 3 8676 1999 FAX PLUMM NOW: +61 3 8676 1999 

Meet your Branding Agency Partner:

Jackson P. Springer.


Specialising in colour, typography and the never-ending hunt for deliciousness, Jackson has long had his fingers in the pies of design.

With a deeply passionate pull toward the Bauhaus movement and mid-century aesthetic. Jackson believes in the design of all things, and their connection to, and impact on, everything in one’s life.

Other than bar-hopping and Ramen, Jackson’s main hobby is dissection. Not of frogs, but of design.

Happily spending hours studying the kerning of a menu, the interior layout of a new hotel room or the coherent relationship of a bar’s cocktail menu to the audio played in its bathroom.

Yes, really.

Ask Jackson about long films, Japanese cuisine, Chianti, and what keeps him awake at night.

Meet your Branding Agency Partner:

Marcus A. Willis.


Countless negronis & 6 years ago, Marcus asked for Jackson’s number in a below-average bar* and now runs PLUMM with him.

Inspired by hospitality, psychology, marketing and an anti-auto approach, Marcus is passionate about vision-lead businesses and bringing them to life. When Marcus and Jackson aren’t at PLUMM HQ, they can often be found travelling, eating and drinking.

When Marcus needs a break from Jackson, he’ll probably be in an undisclosed hotel room wearing a bathrobe and sampling the minibar with a club sandwich.

* They tried to return to the aforementioned bar once for an anniversary date but quickly relocated to the Everleigh instead.

Ask Marcus about dogs, cars, hospitality, hotels, F1 and room service.


Your Brand Design & Identity Guarantee.

If our work hasn’t stood the test of time. We’ll happily rebrand our own work in 3 years, free of charge.

We strive to create brands that last. Brands that only get stronger with time.

That’s why we offer our clients a complimentary rebrand after 3 years if our work hasn’t worked.

With our eye on the past and historical understanding of branding, we’re confident that our brands will stand the test of time. However, if we do miss the mark, we’ll happily rectify your brand.

This free-of-charge guarantee means we are challenged every day to create great branding that isn’t just here today and fades into obscurity tomorrow.

If this does occur. Not only will we provide a complimentary rebrand, but we will also take you out for a spaghetti lunch.

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