Tudummmmmm. The history of the Netflix logo.

In 2014, Netflix needed to reintroduce themselves to the internet as the leader of online streaming, so they released a new website, a new brand identity, and of course, a new logo, which is the one we all know and love. The bones of the current logo was clearly taken from the one they used previously for over a decade.

According to New York-based design firm Gretel, who was commissioned to design the logo, their challenge was to ‘create something broad enough for a global brand but still unique and identifiable.’ The firm removed the background while making the wordmark bolder and giving it a drop shadow.

The company needed to further simplify the logo so it can adapt on mobile devices and social media. So the singular letter “N” logo was released. Though the emblem looks like it was taken out of the original logo, it was actually made from scratch and looks like a red ribbon folding over itself. Now, we can’t imagine watching shows without first seeing that iconic ‘N’ logo and hearing that well-loved ‘tudum’ sound. Good branding lasts. #PlummAgency

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