Refuel on the history of the Mobil logo.

In 1964, design partners Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar were tasked to develop a new logo and graphic identity for Mobil Oil Corporation that will position them as a radically cleaner, more modern service station. The previous logo featured the same colours, but in terms of type and icon, it was drastically different. With this redesign, Mobil was looking to become the oil company of the future.

The red ‘O’ in the logo was made to reinforce a design concept to use circular canopies, pumps, and display elements for a distinctive and attractive look. It also serves a functional purpose – to help pronounce the name correctly. Since the ‘O’ is emphasised, people could pronounce it as Mo-bil and not Mobile.

The designers also developed a complete corporate identification program for Mobil, built around the logo, a specially designed alphabet, the redrawn pegasus, a clear policy for colour, and a comprehensive design approach that integrated new graphics with the architecture. Included in their corporate identity program were the design of product packaging, vehicle markings, print material, posters, and all design, packaging, and sign standards for facilities throughout the world.

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