Off The Wall Branding

The origins of this casual and streetwear brand’s logo can be traced back to a stencil design made by one of the founder’s sons, Mark Van Doren. James Van Doren, Mark’s father, noticed the design and had it put on the heel of their Style 95 shoe, one of the very first models produced by Vans. At first, the logo was a plain black logotype made unique because of the line that extended on top of the “A”, “N”, and “S”.

Eventually, the logo donned a striking red colour and a tagline “off the wall” which is a phrase from Californian skaters’ jargon. One of their more iconic emblems includes the brand name and the tagline encased in a skateboard shape. Their logo still remains the same to this day and is representative of the skateboarding roots of the company.

Good branding lasts. #PLUMMagency

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